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The PARA Token is a versatile utility token granting access to OS1 (a cloud OS), HARMONISED (Multi-AI for AI services), and Parabellum Messenger (secure file sharing). It's primed for an NFT Marketplace launch and CryptoMages' TELOScoin transition.

Use cases

What we or other fans of PARA provide

Yield farming

The #1 AMM and yield farm on BNB smart chain


No.1 yield farm on Binance Smart Chain. Exchange, Liquidity, Farms & Staking, Pools. Everyting you need in one place.


Stake Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens to earn.

Syrup Pool

Stake ZIKI to earn new tokens. You can unstake at any time.

About Para Token

Meet your favorite token

PARA Token from the Transcendence Blockchain Project will be used as multipurpose utility token. PARA is made on Binance smart chain BNB. It is developed in a way that have some unique features.


Detailed stats about PARA

Burn Fee 2%
Buyback Fee 5%
Liquidity Fee 2%
Tax Fee 4%
Treasury 4%

Papara card

What is PAPARA card

The Papara Card is a hardware wallet in the form of a chip card. It’s part of a social experiment we’re conducting. We’re offering the card to all donors or it can be purchased separately for €50.

The purpose of the Papara Card is part of a broader social experiment. It is not an investment, lottery, or charitable donation, but rather an opportunity to be part of a unique project.

When you donate or purchase a Papara Card, you become part of our community. The card itself is a hardware wallet, but please note that by donating or purchasing the card, you don’t acquire any rights to receive anything back.

No, donations to or from us are not considered charitable and cannot be used to reduce your tax liability. Any payments you receive from us should be considered as an increase to your personal income. We recommend consulting with a tax specialist who can explain your national tax rules to you.

No, you can participate without buying anything. Just send us your BTC address and you can participate without any purchase.

No, the amount you pay for the hardware wallet does not impact the benefits you receive. You can pay as much as you like, but this won’t change what you get. The price of the card is up to you – pay the minimum, or support us by paying as much as you like.

According to Swiss law, an investment implies an expectation of return on capital, while a lottery involves winning by chance. In our case, when you donate or purchase a Papara Card, you do so without the expectation of any financial return or winnings, making it neither an investment nor a lottery.

As AG we are allowed to invest in other companies and create Software and Hardwareprojects to further support the concept of an AI powered universal basic income.


Papara vision DAO proposals


Supported wallets and exchanges

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